The secret life of an artist

It’s been so long since my last blog post that I’ve almost forgotten how to do it! It freaks me out how fast time goes now, especially when Christmas is breathing down my neck! When did that happen? I’ve had … Continue reading

DIY painted Ikea plant stand

Thought I’d share an easy DIY project that I did for a client a few months ago. The brief was happy and colourful. My favourite! I picked up this 3-tier plant stand from Ikea, and painted free-hand straight onto the powder-coated … Continue reading

Breaking the blogcation seal

I’m stuck in a blogcation vortex and I’m finding it hard to get back into the swing of things. I put it down to an acute bout of self-diagnosed post-holiday denial disorder (PHDD)*, an affliction where one leaves one’s head … Continue reading

CardLust Guest

20130617-204725.jpgHola! This week I’ve been asked to be the guest instagrammer over at @cardlust, a beautiful e-greeting card app that partners with talented artists, creating unique non-Hallmarky cards to share with friends and family (available from the App Store).

I’m posting from the beautiful Mehico, so follow my travels if you love sun, sand and tacos!!! Xx

Surprise me!


I take it back. Last month I posted about Capital M Moments, and how my super power (apart from the super power of flight) would be to know that a moment is actually a Moment just before it is The Moment! Well, I take it all back.

Last week, I had The Biggest Capital M Moment of my life so far, apart from probably the moment of my birth… and I was well-and-truly blind sided! The fact that I was oblivious, that everything was orchestrated perfectly unbeknownst to me, that effort and thought and planning and nerves were unfolding infront of my eyes, made the Moment even more Momentous. And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


ten | lucky dip

And to wrap up this Top 10 of 10,000… a lucky dip of visual allsorts, yummy things I love xox Images from Pinterest.

nine | wanderlust

Wanderlust. n. a great desire to travel and rove about… In other words, sign me up to the Adventure Club! Images from Pinterest.

seven | interior heaven

Today’s Top 10 covers my favourite interiors pins… Yup, it was a hard decision, but these are the ones that I kept coming back to. And back to. And back to. Images from Pinterest.